Bear AI

Machine Intelligence for risk assessment and wealth management. We build learning agents to analyze global, decentralized data sets.

What We Do

We leverage data, economies of scale, and network effects to optimize portfolios and investment strategies. The goal of Bear AI is to analyze financial networks and historical payments with the latest machine learning tools. Our algorithms evaluate risk and reward based on high dimensional data points that capture an asset's value and context in the network.

Bear AI bridges the gap between discovery and commericalization by empowering investors with long-term capital insights, knowledge, and specialized tools they need to thrive. We work hard to move hard tech from the lab into the light.

Noah Jacobs

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ziv Lotzky

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Julio C Herrera Velutini

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Gan Tu

Director of Machine Learning


We are looking for a motivated software engineer with an in-depth understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms (e.g., for classification, regression, and clustering).

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Bear AI is dedicated to building innovative tools and algorithms for analyzing and understanding high-dimensional data from financial securities.